Perfect for communicating exciting new housing projects, commercial developments, and high-rise apartment living spaces.


Let your audience interact with and want to invest in your product idea, long before supplier agreements are drafted, and compliance certifications sought. We can even assist you in seeking crowd funding for your venture.


Create strong visual analogies to convey large data sets within interactive virtual spaces.


Utilising game engine technology, we are able to create immersive digital experiences usable across a wide range of media, from projection to mobile devices.

When used with current interface technology, such as touch screens and data from sensor input, the user is engaged with the created 3D world in a realtime visualisation that can convey simulated reality, like a building or physical space, with data overlays that enhance the world rich information.


Virtual spaces provide us with a way of interrogating the world around us with a much more sustainable approach by simulating reality with real-time information gathered through the global web network or local data sources.

With our knowledge of CAD systems, design fundamentals, web technologies and mobile devices, we are able to create virtual environments that are compatible across the majority of available operating systems.


We create light-weight browser based applications, mobile device applications for iOS and Android, or full featured graphic environments to run on PC or Mac.

Realtime environments can be accurate representations of the physical world, utlising data provided by by architects, surveyors or engineers to interact with a design before its construction, and geo-location information can be incorporated for urban scale interactions. These accurate representations can be linked to the real world through sensor data, for monitoring the environment, and could be used for the life cycle of a structure controlled by a facilities management branch.